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Dynamic elearning

Retail elearning.

Dynamic Business Services: Your trusted partner in retail elearning for almost 25 years.

At Dynamic, we take immense pride in our extensive legacy of delivering top-notch digital learning materials tailored to the unique needs of the retail sector. With a rich history spanning almost 25 years, we have consistently been at the forefront of revolutionising employee training and development, enabling companies to flourish in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We have extensive experience tackling complicated and important subjects, and years of happy clients who have grown and developed their offer with elearning that matters to learners and their customers.

Our retail learning legacy:
almost 25 years of experience.

Since our inception in 1999, Dynamic has been committed to supporting retail companies through cutting-edge digital learning solutions. Our very first project was to deliver a learning solution for Asda, prompting a decades-long relationship and kick-starting our ground-breaking retail elearning solutions.

Asda bespoke retail learning module
Sainsbury's bespoke retail elearning module

With a quarter-century of experience, we have honed our expertise and deepened our understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the retail sector presents. 

Tommy Jeans bespoke retail elearning module
Calvin Klein bespoke retail elearning module

This wealth of knowledge allows us to craft learning materials that align seamlessly with the industry’s growing demands.

Fire safety compliance elearning for retail
Fire safety bespoke elearning for major retailer

Tailored learning for retail success.

We understand that every retail company is unique, facing distinct challenges and goals. That’s why our digital learning materials are not one-size-fits-all.

Our extensive experience has equipped us with the insight to create customised solutions that address the specific needs of your organisation.

Whether you’re seeking to onboard new staff, upskill existing employees or drive customer-centric strategies, our materials are designed to empower your workforce and drive results.

Bespoke elearning
Dynamic elearning

Elevating customer experiences through learning.

In an era where customer experiences define business success, investing in the development of your customer-facing teams is paramount.

Our 25 years of experience in the retail sector have provided us with valuable insights into the dynamics of customer relationships. We leverage this knowledge to create learning materials that instil confidence, competence and the ability to exceed customer expectations.

When your customer-facing colleagues are well prepared and equipped, they become ambassadors of your brand. Every positive interaction becomes an opportunity to showcase your company’s values and commitment to exceptional service.

In this project, we delivered for Pandora’s global workforce, and our digital learning materials empowered Pandora’s teams to turn routine transactions into memorable experiences that resonate with customers long after they have left the store.

Onboarding retail elearning for Pandora
Pandora onboarding retail elearning
Retail elearning
Dynamic elearning
Retail excellence elearning from Dynamic

Customised excellence for customer-centric success.

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that your customer-facing colleagues experience, we specialise in tailoring our materials to cultivate the specific skills required for exceptional customer service.

Whether it’s mastering effective communication, honing problem-solving abilities, defusing tense situations or fostering empathy and active listening, our materials are designed to empower your colleagues with the tools they need to excel in customer interactions.

In this project, for one of the UK’s largest supermarket brands, we took on the unique challenge of equipping their nationwide network of drivers, not just with the skills needed to operate safely, but to positively represent their brand in the most challenging of situations.

Dynamic elearning
Retail elearning from Dynamic

Elevating product knowledge to drive retail excellence.

A deep understanding of your products is at the core of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our tailored learning materials delve into the intricacies of your offerings, equipping your teams with the insights and confidence they need to expertly guide customers, answer enquiries, and ultimately boost sales.

In this multi-year project for Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, we created immersive modules, interactive content and real-world scenarios to ensure that retail colleagues are well prepared to not only communicate features of a new collection, but also convey the value and benefits that resonate with customers.

Retail training video for Tommy Hilfiger
Elearning from Dynamic

Enhanced learning through video.

We recognise the power of visual storytelling in captivating retail audiences.

Through a dynamic blend of scenario-based videos featuring skilled actors and captivating motion graphic animations, we craft compelling narratives that breathe life into your products.

Our videos lift traditional training methods, allowing your colleagues and customers to vividly experience the benefits and applications of your offerings. Whether it’s showcasing real-world scenarios with actors or employing innovative motion graphics, our videos provide an immersive learning journey that educates, engages and resonates.

Leading the digital learning revolution.

Dynamic has been a trailblazer in integrating technology into learning.

Our forward-thinking approach has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of digital platforms to deliver engaging, interactive and effective learning experiences. In this solution for Entain, as technology continues to shape the retail landscape, our materials ensure that your team remains well equipped to navigate the ever-changing terrain.

Games in bespoke retail elearning
Dynamic elearning

Unwavering commitment to quality.

For a quarter of a century, quality has been the cornerstone of our services.

We take pride in meticulously creating content that is not only informative, but also engaging and impactful. Our team of experts, with their in-depth knowledge of both retail and instructional design, collaborate to create materials that resonate with learners and drive tangible results for your business.

Join with Dynamic to tap into our 25 years of industry expertise in the ever-evolving world of retail, guiding your workforce towards excellence through our high-quality digital learning materials. With our proven track record, innovative approach and dedication to your success, we look forward to embarking on the next chapter of retail success together.

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