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Video elearning solutions

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The benefits of video for your elearning solutions

The benefits of introducing video to your elearning solutions are huge and wide-ranging. Whether it’s motion graphics, animation or 360°, video  can really help to create the the impact you want to achieve in your training. Moving image not only brings a topic to life, it can provide a simple and practical way to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Using the latest professional equipment and editing software, we have a dedicated creative video team in-house, which can meet all of your video production needs. And that’s from scripting, storyboarding, filming and post-production, to animation, motion graphics, 3D modelling and special effects. Dynamic has the talent and experience to produce video for your elearning solutions that will engage, communicate—and stay with—your audience.

How do we do it?

Creating a video isn’t as daunting as it may seem, and we can guide you through every step

First, we’ll get to know your audience, your key messages and the core information you want to deliver. We’ll then develop a concept and an approach, considering if we need to capture live action footage or create motion graphics and animation.

Then we’ll produce a script or storyboard which will help you to visualise the end product. By working collaboratively with you and your key project stakeholders, we’ll agree your desired outcomes, so that your communications create the maximum impact.

Video elearning solutions may contain mixed media, such as photographs, motion graphics, animation, 3D assets and of course, live action footage, along with sound design, music and voiceover.

Read on to find out more about video for elearning solutions

Video elearning solutions

Video and audio capture

We could be documenting a process. Telling a story. Filming a presenter or capturing the tale of someone who has an experience to share with the world.

Whatever the approach, our aim is to create video that makes a lasting impression within your elearning solutions. Filming may take a documentary approach and be unobtrusive but informative, panning around a person or a place. If it’s a story with fictional characters, we’ll be shooting from a script, using actors in carefully selected locations to achieve a pre-planned shot list. Or we might use our in-house filming studio, where we have the ultimate control over lighting and sound to film presenters, scenes or products on multiple backgrounds. 

If you’re considering video for your elearning solutions, tap into over 20 years of experience capturing video and audio in multiple locations, such as hospitals, supermarkets, stadiums, universities, and airports. We’re happy to advise on the  logistics behind planning smooth-running, safe and time-efficient filming schedules, using our video team full of skill, enthusiasm and creative flare. 

Motion graphics

Motion graphics is the movement and animation of visual assets such as text, graphics, illustrations and photographs.

Motion graphics provide freedom and ultimate creativity. With limitless options, if we—or you—can think it, we can do it. With the ability to present complex subjects, abstract emotions and talk to your audience in ways unique to you.

Design plays a big part, producing graphics and illustrations to complement your brand identity and giving you an additional asset library of visuals for you to use on and off screen.

Image sequences, transitions, text animations, character movement, fast or slow motion synced to the soundtrack. All these elements make for a thrilling and informative experience for your audience, whilst allowing your brand to shine through.

Video elearning solutions - motion graphics

Voiceovers for your video elearning solutions

An emotive and friendly voice to complement your videos can set the style, pace and trigger emotion within your video. We have several professional voiceover artists in-house, meaning that we can make quick changes, if required, later in the production process. We can also outsource different languages, dialects and accents from our many casting agency contacts.

3D animation

Bring your communications to life with high-quality, 3D content

3D gives us the ability to produce video and assets that we can’t film or photograph. These can include animations of inside the body, the deconstructed view of a building or product, or the inside of a working engine. Style-wise, 3D can be hyper-realistic or attractive abstract shapes. Our 3D skills also complement our delivery of virtual and augmented reality solutions.

If you want to show your products or procedures in compelling 3D detail, why not get in touch, today.

video elearning solutions - special effects

Special effects

Combining all our post-production skills, we can achieve the unthinkable and the undoable.

Do you need to set your office alight for fire safety training? Sure! We can do that. Using camera matching and tracking techniques we can add our effects and 3D models to your moving footage.

We also have a fully equipped green screen studio to transport your presenter or CEO to any location they desire. We can even bring our green screen to you, with our portable studio.

Special effects make-up

We are experienced in special effects make-up. Bruised eyes, swollen faces and acid burns are all part of the service.

video elearning solutions - make-up

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