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At Dynamic, every project is different, and we thrive on the opportunity to let our creative juices flow.

We’re proud of the variety of different solutions we’ve implemented to fit our clients’ needs, from beautiful traditional elearning built on the foundations of industry-standard authoring tools, to projects that push what’s possible with the very latest in modern technology.

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Industry-standard authoring tools pushed to their limits.

We utilise a wide range of industry-standard authoring tools to create the perfect learning experience for our clients. Authoring tools give us the ability to create beautiful bespoke content quickly, but even the most feature rich authoring tools have their limitations.

We use the skills of our in-house design and development teams to push these limitations in both functionality and user experience.

Select the images below to view just a handful of examples.

Do you have a brilliant idea for a module but you’re not sure it’s possible in your favourite authoring tool?

Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Bespoke embedded content.

If the content can’t be enhanced with the authoring tool’s features, then we can create interactions and content separately and seamlessly embed them inside the module. This enables us to combine high-level engaging interactions with rapid authoring.

Bespoke web.

Scrollable parallax web content embedded inside a responsive authoring tool.


Learning. Made fun.

Games are fun and engaging but also a great way to learn. They can improve a learner’s skill and knowledge while encouraging them to come back and replay the game to reinforce the learning.

Game elements can be added to any digital learning content or the whole solution can be designed and created as a game.

Role-playing games.

Fully responsive exploration games played directly through the browser on any device.

We’ve successfully used this solution for client requirements, such as inductions and customer service modules, as they’re a great way to prepare a user by letting them explore an environment and interact with objects and people as they would in real life.

Platform games.

Responsive 2D platform games aimed at children and the young at heart, played directly through the browser.

We offer learning solutions for all ages, including children and young adults. A traditional 2D platformer, where the user faces challenges and learning decision points, can engage and amuse the learners aiding knowledge retention. Platform games can include a number of different levels, showing a variety of environments and difficulties.

3D games.

Fully explorable 3D environments played directly through the browser on any device.

With 3D environments, you can move, rotate your view, zoom in and out and have a full 360 degrees of motion to explore and interact.

The additional levels of interaction allow us to create a truly immersive and engaging learning experience for everyone.

Have you seen something you like and want to know more?

Contact us to try out a demo of any of our solutions.

360° interactive environments.

Some learners prefer photorealistic virtual environments, as opposed to illustrated versions, and this is where our 360° virtual tours come in.

Our tours offer interactive environments filmed in any location, from as many different viewpoints as required.

We can include information hotspots to bring up pop-up information and videos, as well as seamless animated hotspots to bring the panoramas to life.

Take a look at the video below to view our virtual tour features.

The virtual interactive environments can be used on all devices, but in different ways. You can navigate the desktop version by using the mouse or touchpad to explore the scene.  

Handheld devices can use touch movement but also motion tracking to enhance the experience.

It can also be viewed on high-end Virtual Reality headsets for the ultimate immersive panoramic experience.

WeWork multiple deivces

Virtual Reality (VR).

At Dynamic, we’re proud to offer learning solutions using the latest in cutting-edge technology.

Our top-end VR solutions are designed and built for standalone headsets, which offer 360° of freedom and hand controller interaction to give the most immersive experience available.

We use our own conceived ‘virtual learning platform’ as the basis for the learning environment, where you can view cinematic videos, interact with objects and follow detailed step-by-step tutorials.

As well as the VR learning platform, you can be transported to 3D environments for the most realistic learning experience.

Augmented Reality (AR).

Another branch of our XR solutions is to offer AR in the form of a scan and learn app.

The scan and learn app is designed to deliver ‘on-the-go learning’, which involves users scanning cards or QR codes to bring up specific videos or information. This allows us to deliver learning at the point of need, whether it’s product information for retail colleagues on the shop floor, or instructional content for colleagues using a new piece of equipment.

The scan and learn app can be used as an independent learning resource or can accompany traditional learning modules and be accessed whenever the information is needed.

Support materials.

As comprehensive as our training solutions can be, we are aware that support materials can be a useful option for on-demand learning. Like the scan and learn app, there is an increasing need for on-demand refresher content.

Below are some of the ways we support your learning.


Critical Information Delivery App (CIDA).

The CIDA is a learning and communication aid for Android and iOS where content is updated in real time and maintained by you via a content management system.

The CIDA is a central hub for documents, resources, news and videos and with enabled push notifications, critical information can be sent out to all users.

What solution is right for you?

Have you seen the perfect solution for your learning needs?

Maybe you like a combination of different solutions?

Maybe you have your own idea for a solution?

If you have any queries, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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