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dynamicLMS - Our LMS platform


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Your new learning management system

Dynamic has nearly two decades of experience in the digital learning industry. Combining our extensive experience and our continuous drive to innovate, we have created a beautiful and highly adaptable LMS platform – the dynamicLMS. 

Our LMS platform

The majority of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used by organisations to provide access to resources, such as elearning, videos and documentation. It is also a place for communication and remote collaboration, and enables organisations to keep track of the learning progress of individuals and generate management information reports.

Powered by the open source Moodle platform, your dynamicLMS will look like it is a platform designed from the ground up, specifically crafted for your organisation, but with the benefit of it being a highly configurable, out-of-the box, corporate LMS solution that is easily supported and upgraded.

The implementation of your LMS will be handled by an experienced team, headed up by a dedicated project manager. We can even help you get started by providing you with access to our interactive elearning content library.

dynamicLMS. The highlights.

Innovative. Easy to use. Responsive.

With the users’ needs at the heart of the design, your dynamicLMS will have intuitive navigation and a device responsive layout to ensure that the learning environment is a place they want to explore, return to and use on any device, anywhere.

Multiple hosting options, training, upgrades and unlimited support.

You can host your dynamicLMS on your own infrastructure, or take advantage of our ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) hosting option. Hosted in a cloud‑based server environment within the UK, the dynamicLMS is secure and private. For companies operating outside the UK, a range of hosting options exist in different locations around the world.

After your administrator training and go-live, you will want to take advantage of our great support. This includes an annual upgrade to the latest release of our standard LMS platform and unlimited helpdesk support. We have a dedicated LMS helpdesk team providing the support within UK office hours. The helpdesk service can be accessed via telephone, email or web ticket. Unlike some of our competitors, our helpdesk support offers unlimited email and telephone support, so you don’t need to worry about using up support hours or credits, etc. Also, our helpdesk is staffed by the people who actively develop the LMS platform – allowing us to provide high-quality support at the first point of contact.

Continually developed.

Our brilliant team are continually developing unique functionality that enhances the dynamicLMS for both users and managers. Some LMS platforms require you to purchase separate, bolt-on functionality, such as appraisal management. However, the performance appraisal functionality we have developed ships with our LMS platform, as standard.

You may use it to set up appraisals, objectives and personal development tasks, and monitor all of these through to completion. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so our performance review function allows you to create your own appraisal templates, giving you the ability to transfer your paper-based appraisals to an electronic format.

Scalable and cost effective, with no ongoing licence fees.

Scalable and comprehensive, the dynamicLMS comes at a fraction of the cost of a corporate LMS platform. With no ongoing licence fees for the LMS platform, it is a highly cost‑effective solution.

dynamicLMS. The layout options.

With over 17 years of expertise in instructional design and user experience, we can create a learning journey that is completely tailored to your organisation. So, if your requirements are one-of-a-kind, we will provide you with a branded, unique experience with our multiple layout options.


The dashboard is split into individual blocks that display all of the content the user requires, on one page. You can decide which blocks are shown, and where and how they appear on the page. This flexibility allows you to change the look and feel of your user dashboard over time, as your content grows.


If you prefer your dynamicLMS to have more of a traditional website layout, with larger images to match your company’s unique style, our designers will work with you to achieve this. With our expertise in system design and development, we can deploy the dynamicLMS in a wide variety of ways – utilising different layouts, blocks, colours and designs.


The features.

Your dynamicLMS will come with the following features as standard:

Fully branded.
Ensuring that the platform fits seamlessly within your organisation with a fully branded learning environment.

Responsive theme.
Accessible from computers, tablets and smartphones.

Powerful group administration.
Allowing you to quickly and easily pinpoint groups of users and target them with specific training.

Course accreditations.
So users can be accredited as compliant for a set period of time.

Course deadlines.
Set deadlines and monitor progress towards completion.

Track content.
Including elearning courses, quiz assessments, evaluations, PDFs, documents, videos and podcasts.

Downloadable app.
For mobile devices, so that content can be downloaded and viewed offline.

Gamification and certification.
Including badges and certificates achieved by the user, based on the completion of a course or courses.

The ability to manage information provided to users and how their data is handled within the system.

Competencies and learning plans.
Allows a user to work towards certain competencies, based on learning plans that have been set.

Feedback and surveys.
Custom surveys and forums for real-time discussion and collecting feedback from users.

Ratings and reviews.
Users can rate and review courses that they have accessed.

Manager dashboard.
Group managers can see an overview of their group completions in graphical format.

Add and manage users via a .csv file.
Users can be imported, activated or deactivated in the LMS in one action.

Active directory and single sign-on.
Support for active directory and single sign-on.

Course types.
Assign courses as statutory, mandatory or priority so that they are clearly marked for users.

Display a different course catalogue to different groups of users on the LMS.

Create interactive elearning content such as quizzes or presentations within the LMS.

Unique performance review function.
Set up appraisals, objectives and personal development tasks, and monitor all of these through to completion.

Custom certificates and badges.
Achieved by the user and based on the completion of a course or courses.

Course deadlines and automated reminders.
Apply deadlines to courses and send automated reminders and chaser emails.

Course catalogue display.
Display course categories in a grid view and assign images.

Grouping, tracking and sequencing of learning activity.
Including elearning courses, quiz assessments, evaluations, PDFs, documents, videos, podcasts and face-to-face training.

Schedule face-to-face training.
Manage and set up your face-to-face training courses.

Detailed course progress, reporting at team and user level, as well as specific content reporting, such as quiz question and answer level detail. With the ability to set reports to run automatically on a regular basis.

Customisable user dashboard.
A flexible dashboard that allows you to change its look and feel over time, as your content grows.

Full training and unlimited support.
For administrators with our UK-based Helpdesk support.

Continuing professional development (CPD).
Add CPD records or automatically gain CPD hours by completing courses on the LMS to track learning.

Allow employees to leave feedback for their colleagues.

Course enrolment notification and automated deadline reminders.
Notify users of their new course enrolments and then automatically send reminder emails as the course deadline approaches.

360-degree feedback.
Request feedback from all areas of the organisation and compare the results to how you think you perform using this valuable management development tool.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
Establish specific training needs across the organisation by allowing managers to complete TNA template forms for their direct reports.

Competency assessment system.
Keep an auditable inventory of machinery, devices and procedures and the employees who are competent to use them.

Learner experience.
Use course thumbnail images to display courses. Set course recommendations based on users’ interests or previously completed courses.

What people say.

What's next?

We’re always developing new features for the dynamicLMS, based on user feedback and from our internal research groups. We have recently completed development for course deadlines, appraisals and our manager dashboard. If you would like to find out more about any of our recent features, or what we are working on, please contact our friendly team.

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