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Off the shelf elearning courses

Off The Shelf Elearning Courses

Services. Off The Shelf Elearning Courses.

Instant access to a suite of high-quality learning on a wide range of topics, ranging from GDPR to health and safety, legal compliance, business management and many more!

More courses are released each quarter, providing an amazing opportunity to have all of your elearning needs met in one convenient package.

What is off the shelf elearning?

Off the shelf elearning modules are courses that are pre-written, and designed to be ready for use without any additional rework.

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Benefits of off the shelf elearning:

Ready to go.

Off the shelf elearning courses are ready to distribute to your audience, so you know that the course is suitable to be used right away.

Designed by professionals.

All of our off the shelf elearning courses are made by experienced designers and experts in their field, meaning you’re getting the best content in an easily digestible format, to improve the learning experience.

Reduced costs.

Off the shelf elearning courses tend to be less costly than custom solutions, saving you some money if you know what you need.

Bespoke elearning custom elearning
Preview of Dynamic’s off the shelf courses

What we offer.

Dynamic offers a suite of high-quality off the shelf elearning covering a range of business topics. Subscribe for one or two courses of your choosing, or get ongoing access to all of the Dynamic off the shelf courses, plus any new ones developed in the future.


If you subscribe to all of our off the shelf courses, then you will automatically get new courses as they are developed, at no additional cost. There are no limits on the number of users within your company. You just pay for the course and not how many people are using them.

Course duration.

Most courses are between 20 and 30 minutes in duration. Short enough to be bite-size, but long enough to provide meaningful content in key subject areas.

Dynamic off the shelf elearning courses
Dynamic off the shelf elearning courses

Our range of off the shelf elearning courses cover legal compliance, healthcare, business management, respecting others and staying safe at work.

Can’t find what you want?

We develop innovative, bespoke online courses for some of the world’s biggest organisations, so just get in touch with your requirements.

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Want to know more?

To find out more about our off the shelf elearning courses, or arrange a demonstration with one of our friendly Sales team, contact us:

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