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Case Study.

Upskilling a diverse retail workforce to improve customer experience.

We created a cutting-edge learning programme for betting and gaming company Entain, to improve customer experience, draw in new customers and give them an unrivalled experience. Our fully bespoke HTML learning package for retail workers enabled shop colleagues to become familiar with the fantastic new technology within Digital Hub shops.

Entain's mission.

Entain is embarking on a digitisation initiative across their retail business, converting shops in key locations across both the UK and Ireland into contemporary digital spaces to truly create the very best retail betting and gaming experience on the high street. 

Entain want their customers to experience products in new and exciting ways that provide atmosphere and a superior encounter compared to other high street offerings. The use of technology sits at the heart of their vision, allowing customers to be at the centre of the action whichever sport or product they are interested in.

Entain asked us to support this mission by creating training that would enable their shop colleagues to become familiar with the new products prior to their shop refit, be comfortable encouraging customer participation to promote the new technology and to formulate a comprehensive first line fault fixing reference guide, should any technical support be required.

Having previously worked with some of the team on a very successful project last year, we knew that we would be able to produce a fantastic solution to exceed their requirements.

360° interactive learning.

The main feature of the solution was a walkthrough of a Digital Hub shop using 360° interactive panoramas. The module introduces colleagues to the exciting features of the new format of their shop and provides the colleague with the confidence and knowledge to share and promote these features to customers. The learning was developed in a way that it would act as a reference tool going forward, one that would be easy to navigate and dip in and out of.

A key requirement was that the learning had to be impactful and innovative given that the topic itself was technology based.

Take a look at the 360° sample below.

Engaging learning solutions for retail colleagues.

We created a fully bespoke HTML learning package with engaging interactions, exciting videos and 360° panoramas that help the colleagues understand that their shop will become the absolute destination of choice for customers who enjoy betting and gaming in the local area. Not only that, but the role they can play by building on the shop’s current performance, retaining the current customer base and seeking to expand this appeal to a wider audience.

The ability to navigate around the shop using the 360° panoramas or by the newly developed concept of a mini hotspot menu, means that the solution can be used going forward as a reference tool, especially for the first line fault fixing aspect.

Working in partnership with subject matter experts.

We worked closely with the subject matter experts to ensure that the information was accurate and tailored towards the target audience. This involved visits to shops and numerous calls with key stakeholders to enable us to really understand the requirements and to pitch the training perfectly.

There are a variety of interactions within the module, to allow learners to work through the content at their own pace.

High-quality video production.

We created several videos for the module, along with the 360° panoramas. Some of these were pieces to camera delivered expertly by one of the stakeholders, interspersed with interesting and varied b-roll footage. Others were quick video guides showing the colleagues the new technology within the communication cabinets and how to first line fault fix, should anything need attention.

When we filmed the 360° panoramas we visited the shop in the early hours of the morning in order to minimise the disruption to colleagues and customers during normal trading hours. Effective planning, helped by a previous visit to the shop, meant that we captured what we needed with precision and confidence.


You know you are on to a good thing when you really look forward to the regular client calls because of the fantastic working relationship you have. Not only that, the development team pulled out all the stops to make this product look great and be a pleasure rather than a chore to work through. Client feedback has also been very positive.

Gary Riches

Project Manager

“As always it’s been fun working with you on this, thanks for all your hard work and just to say the final product is amazing!”

Nigel Chamberlain

Head of Commercial Product Operations

“We set you the challenge to help us provide a digital training and support experience for our colleagues who are working in and showcasing our new Digital Hub shops. I can honestly say, you hit the brief and then more. The final product will not only serve as a training tool for our colleagues but is also an exceptional means for us to showcase to all audiences what our Digitalising our Retail estate really looks and will feel like.”