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Lisa Welch discusses creating the best LMS platform in the UK

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Lisa Welch discusses creating the best LMS platform in the UK

21 April 2021

Lisa Welch

The best learning management systems let your team do more

When considering how to train and develop your team, it’s worth remembering that the best learning management systems are the ones that offer more functionality—and flexibility. And in the latest of our recurring articles exploring some of the features of the dynamic LMS. and how you can make the most of it, LMS Service Delivery Manager, Lisa Welch, takes a look at just one of its great features: guest access courses.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a course that is accessible to all users within the LMS without them having to be specifically enrolled, you can use the guest enrolment method to allow this.

Guest access courses

This functionality is best used for a collection of resources that you want to make widely available to your users but is not a course that you need to track user completion.

Learning management systems should be flexible to organisation’s needs. For example, you may want to use this for content that is for reference only, such as a course area that holds your company policy documents. You can couple these courses with our resources block in the user dashboard so that users can easily access the content.

Dynamic LMS workplace safety

Course actions

To make a course a guest access course, go to the Course actions menu. Select More > Users (tab) > Enrolment methods.

From here, disable any current enrolment methods and add Guest access as the only enrolment method.

Image of the Evolve LMS shown on an iPad workplace safety


With the powerful reporting tools in the dynamicLMS. you can see how popular each activity in a guest access course really is, without cluttering up a user’s training record for every resource or policy they view. Go to the Course actions menu and select More > Reports (tab) > Activity report to access the powerful reporting tools.

If you have any questions regarding guest access courses, our helpdesk team is always happy to help.

Contact us through your usual helpdesk channels: phone, email and online support.

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