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Dynamic. Quarterly Update.

11 March 2022

Dynamic elearning; a glimpse into our brave new world

This year is already shaping up to be another fantastic one for the Dynamic elearning team. We’re kicking off with the first of a quarterly series of updates on all things digital learning. And in this series of blogs, we’ll talk about the new technologies we’re embracing and what they can bring to digital learning. We’ll also look at some of the work we’ve recently completed and explore how Dynamic LMS is evolving to support our clients.

Dynamic elearning partnerships with local universities.

At Dynamic, we have a long and proud history of working with local universities. We’re pleased to develop the next generation of digital learning superstars and Q1 was no exception.

Dynamic elearning Tom

24 January 2022

In January, one of our current Junior Creative Developers, Tom Foulkes, spoke about what it’s like to be a placement student at Dynamic. You can read his blog here:

07 February 2022

At the start of February, we officially kicked off the search for next year’s placements. And we heard from some of our more experienced colleagues who got started with this scheme.

Dynamic elearning placements in Leeds, Yorkshire
Dynamic elearning presenting at Leeds University

27 February 2022

As part of our work with local Universities, in February, Dynamic Project Managers, Dan Blades and David Pryde, visited the University of Leeds. They spoke to current students and shared their experiences of the industry.

Welcoming new customers to the Dynamic elearning way

Many of our customers have worked with Dynamic for a number of years. And the quality of our work means they’re happy to keep coming back with new requirements and introduce us to new companies as they move roles. That’s why we we celebrate every new client like it’s so much more than a single requirement or project. It’s more like the start of a lifelong friendship. In Q1 of 2022 we worked on fantastic digital solutions for a number of new clients, including:

The Gym Group, Thales, HCSA, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Pandora, Zero Suicide Alliance, Belron, Babylon Health, Cory Energy and many more.

For more details of what we’ve been working on, check out our Projects page for the latest case studies, with more added every quarter.

Dynamic elearning selected client logos

Our leadership team.

We caught up with some of our leadership team to see what they’re excited about for the next quarter.

What can we expect from Dynamic in the rest of 2022?

Steve Johnson Dynamic elearning

Steve Johnson

Managing Director

“This is a really exciting time in the elearning industry and Dynamic is helping to drive that forward with new technologies and innovation. We’ve seen growth across the board with new clients in a host of different industries and existing clients investing heavily in digital.

That growth means we have to expand to help our customers meet their challenges. And I’m pleased we’ve recently been able to offer roles to new designers and developers, with more to come soon.”

Ian Crossley Dynamic elearning

Ian Crossley

Media and Development Director

“The fusing of new technologies with the creativity in our team makes this such an exciting time to be working at Dynamic. For the last few years we’ve been investing heavily in R&D projects alongside our live client work. And now we’re starting to see that pay off.

We have taken new products to market like Scan and Learn, 360° virtual onboarding tours and immersive VR learning experiences. And we can now deliver solutions for our clients that just weren’t possible a few years ago.”

We saw some exciting new technologies discussed in John Graham’s recent blog and The Gym Group case study. How are advances in technology helping Dynamic to deliver elearning?

Recent updates have seen a big range of new features come online for the dynamicLMS. What can we expect for LMS customers for the rest of the year?

Ian Glover Dynamic elearning

Ian Glover

LMS Services Director

“I’m really pleased with how the recent upgrades have been going and now the majority of our customers are on version 3.9 of Dynamic LMS. By upgrading to this version we’re able to offer industry-leading features like 360° feedback and training needs analysis as standard.

The rest of 2022 is going to be really exciting. We have a new Coaching function in development along with a lot of UI and UX improvements as we ramp up to the version 4 release from November.”

Creating the best LMS on the market - dynamic elearning

Dynamic LMS, with more functionality than ever.

During February, the team completed upgrading all of our LMS platform clients to the latest version of Dynamic LMS. This latest upgrade provides lots of new functionality for our clients. This includes learner experience, 360° feedback, an advanced competency-based assessment system and a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system.

We’re currently working on more exciting functionality for our next release due for client upgrades from November 2022. We’ll provide more details of this in the next quarterly update.

Dynamic elearning off-the-shelf catalogue.

The Dynamic off the shelf elearning catalogue is perfect for those clients who need a course that’s ready to go. Thye’re developed by subject matter experts and tested on some of the world’s best-known names.

We’re releasing new modules all the time and Q1 of 2022 is no exception.

Recent releases include: Anxiety, Grammar in the workplace, Hate crime awareness and Emotional intelligence.

What can you expect from the next release?

There are a further 15 modules currently in some form of development at our Harewood HQ aimed at a broad range of industries and skill sets. For our next release of modules, you can expect content on Unconscious Bias, Violence and Aggression, Creativity, Disability Awareness, Safeguarding Children and many more.

There are currently more than 30 topics on the roadmap for future courses, but the order we prioritise these is down to you, our customers. We’d love to hear from you about the topics that are important to your colleagues and how we can help you to deliver the best quality training. Get in touch to discuss all aspects of the off-the-shelf catalogue today.

Dynamic elearning off-the-shelf examples

Featured topic: Anxiety.

Each quarter, we’ll be focussing on one of our recent off-the-shelf modules, and this time it’s Anxiety.

Anxiety is something that everyone experiences at times and feeling anxious is a perfectly natural reaction to some situations.

But sometimes feelings of anxiety can be constant, overwhelming or out of proportion to the situation and this can affect your daily life.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can try to help you or someone else cope with anxiety.

In this module we look at some of those things, including:

  • What anxiety is and ways to deal with it.
  • How to recognise the signs of anxiety.
  • What can cause anxiety.
  • What anxiety may look like in the workplace.
Dynamic elearning module examples

Interested in more dynamic elearning?

Get in touch if you’d like to view a free sample of the Anxiety course today, complete the form and one of our team will be in touch.

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