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How elearning took Aggregate Industries on a transformative Equality, Diversity and Inclusion journey

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion elearning module on a mobile phone
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In a landmark collaboration with Aggregate Industries, we embarked on a transformative journey to develop a bespoke Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) elearning solution. This initiative served as a pivotal component of Aggregate Industries’ ambitious multi-year EDI strategy.

Learning forming part of an overall vision

Aggregate Industries envisioned an inclusive workplace culture. An environment where each team member is embraced and valued. Moreover, the challenge was clear: develop an elearning course that not only aligned with their strategy but also spoke to a diverse audience within a specific company culture.

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HR Director James Roberts succinctly encapsulated their vision:

We will create a culture where everyone is welcomed and appreciated for who they are.

Diverse target audience

The target audience encompassed all colleagues at Aggregate Industries. This ranged from new hires to seasoned professionals. Recognising the diverse learning needs, including low reading skills and limited digital literacy, the course made EDI principles accessible to everyone.

Collaborative content development

We were determined to create engaging and relevant content. Therefore, we collaborated closely with subject matter experts and drew upon existing resources. Rigorous stakeholder reviews ensured the content not only met but exceeded the expectations outlined in Aggregate Industries’ strategy.

Interactive excellence

It’s a subject matter which has to be treated with sensitivity. But the goal was certainly clear: to make learning about Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, both informative and enjoyable. As a result, the elearning course, above all, emerged as a beacon of interactivity, visual appeal, and user-friendly design

Tailored human-centered design

Every piece of content was meticulously tailored for Aggregate Industries and its unique culture. Employing a human-centered design approach, we delved into understanding the learners, their unique needs, and expectations. Importantly, this customisation was not a one-size-fits-all solution but a precise fit for Aggregate Industries alone.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion elearning module on a mobile phone

Beautiful mobile first design

The learners were expected to access the course anywhere they worked. From quarries to offices, between delivery jobs or on industrial sites. Mobile-first learning was therefore vital to the successful delivery of the project. We combined our design skills with the power of the Evolve authoring tool, custom HTML and JavaScript. This helped us create a technologically advanced and visually compelling learning experience.

Mixed reading levels

The project encountered the challenge of presenting a potentially complex and dry subject to an audience with varying reading skills and digital literacy levels. Drawing on our extensive experience, we successfully tailored the content to a functional skills level 1 English. We could then clearly and concisely describe the issues and engage learners effectively.

Elearning implementation
and rollout

The initial rollout was strategically integrated into the induction program for new hires. Gradually we extended its reach to all colleagues across the company. This phased approach ensured a seamless integration into the existing learning ecosystem.

feedback loop

At Dynamic, a key element of our methodology involves a constant feedback loop. This iterative process allows for real-time adjustments in consultation with subject matter experts and learners. In turn, this ensured that the final product not only met, but exceeded, the expectations of all stakeholders.

Learning contributing to a wider strategy

The elearning course was not a standalone endeavour but a vital component of Aggregate Industries’ broader EDI strategy. Aligned with one of the five strategic pillars, the course played a pivotal role in supporting Aggregate Industries on their EDI journey. This case study encapsulates not just a project completion but a partnership that broke barriers, fostering a culture of inclusion at Aggregate Industries through the power of tailored elearning.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion elearning 5 point plan

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