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Mark Fearnley

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Corporate Account Manager

Mark Fearnley

28 January 2022

What is compliance training and why is it important?

In the world of legal compliance training, quality is everything.

Legal compliance training has been an increasingly pressing topic over the last decade. The thing is, being legally compliant as an organisation is an absolute must, right now. A case in point is the proliferation of recent high-profile breaches of GDPR, and GDPR is only a fraction of what legal compliance training covers.

Legal compliance training in a nutshell

At the very basic level, compliance means to abide by the rules. Now, the working world has standards and regulations, so these rules could be set by the industry in which you operate or they could be defined by wider legal regulation. The rules or laws are in place to maintain things like safety, health, employee dignity and individual privacy.

Legal compliance training educates your employees on the laws or regulations, often applicable in the context of your industry. Good quality legal compliance training is even more specific to their role.

“Educated employees is a good thing”

I hear you say,

“but my company has other budgetary priorities right now”

Well maybe not…

Off-the-shelf legal compliance training

Training your employees in compliance can achieve huge financial gains.

When your staff are trained in compliance, it’s not simply a case of spending money, ticking a box and everyone going about their jobs. There’s a range of benefits to training staff in compliance as there’s a range of negative implications of holding off – and many of them financial.

For instance, compliance training can:​


Prevent accidents at work

Keeping individuals safer and preventing financial claims against your business.


Ensure proper governance

Preventing industry or regulatory fines.


Maintain a better working environment

Leading to better employee retention, less recruitment fees and better productivity.


Prevent breaches in security

Which could result in a lack of productivity, financial penalties or both.

So is compliance training different from other training?

In short, yes. General training typically covers job functions and responsibilities – to yourself, to colleagues, customers and partners. Compliance training can cover employment laws and business regs, whilst explaining the penalties for violating them. It can also cover regulations specific to the industry, such as patient confidentiality, reporting matters and financial disclosures.

Which brings us on to how legal compliance training is delivered. Depending on your company circumstances, you may need bespoke training in the form of a bespoke elearning course if you are educating staff around issues particular to your organisation. Alternatively, for wider topics, say general health and safety or, in some cases, industry-wide matters, an off the shelf elearning programme may be more appropriate to your organisation.

One thing is sure:

More and more employers and brands are realising the need for training to be not only compulsory, but ongoing. From training new employees to refresher compliance courses, organisations should be on top of compliance for every individual. And, for many reasons, including recording who’s trained on what, how well you’re meeting your corporate responsibilities and protecting your business reputation, it should be captured and reported on.

Good quality compliance training that’s delivered and recorded helps employers lay the foundations not just for a healthy, happy workforce but a more productive and protected team. Which means increased efficiencies leading to better financial performance. The good news is you can achieve this with a good Legal Compliance Learning Management System (LMS).

Ever asked yourself, ‘How can I make compliance training more interesting?’

You’ll know that your organisation is built of talented people with varied skills and motivations, and that’s where elearning comes into its own; not least because the same course can help all team members learn at their own pace, comfortably on the device of their choice. In fact, online compliance training or elearning compliance courses are ideal for businesses for a number of reasons.

Elearning compliance training can:


Be personalised

Choose elearning for your compliance training and you can customise the content based on the skill levels of your learners. You could even have the programme designed so that users can select a path or a course that fits their knowledge base or requirements.


Help people learn without barriers

Elearning gives learners the opportunity to experiment and, rather than being seen to fail in a classroom full of people, they can try different ideas. When they get things wrong without inhibition, they are free to enjoy learning even more.


Empower your employees

Elearning programmes can be more compelling and empowering than other forms of learning. People tend to be more immersed in formats such as video and more engaged in formats such as quizzes. In all cases, certainly where Dynamic is concerned, elearning is designed to be fun, whether it’s gamified or not.


Make recall easy

What was that thing I learned last month? Rather than trying to remember the whole range of information in one hit, users can access the very resources they learnt from. In fact, with elearning, staff have the flexibility to access the content via the LMS making compliance training easier and more flexible.

Okay, what next?

So when you consider what compliance training is, more often than not, a legal or regulatory requirement, it makes total sense to make it the most compelling and engaging training as possible. Remember that by offering interesting and personalised compliance training through elearning, your team will be more engaged, will learn quicker and in return, you’ll likely get more value from your workforce.

Offer the best quality bespoke elearning online courses, such as the courses Dynamic provides, and you’ll see the many and varied benefits mentioned above, magnified. Not only that, you can track everyone’s progress and understanding of what they’ve learned through a tailored Legal Compliance LMS. It’s another good way, not just to see how effectively your L&D budget is being used, but also how well your employees are engaging.

You can find out more about our bespoke elearning training services and how they could help you meet your regulatory compliance goals, here.

Ready-made elearning solutions

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