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Henry Fuller

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Henry Fuller

11 March 24

Learn to change, change to learn; achieving ROI on elearning

When digital learning services first came into being, there wasn’t much chat about achieving ROI on elearning. You could say many things have changed, throughout our 25 year history, but it’s interesting; if you talked to anyone of our clients, even from just over 5 years ago about Dynamic, they’d be talking about a different animal. Not from a service point of view of course; that partnership approach, attention to detail and emphasis on over-delivery remains a Dynamic constant.

No, I’m talking particularly about how we work, where we work and the technology we harness to make sure our clients get a return on their investment—and their learners get a return on their time. But first, what hasn’t changed …

First-class service remains a constant

Here at Dynamic, we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. Whether, it’s digging deeper into the challenges faced by our partners, the dedication of our team to ensure the process is as smooth as possible or the aftercare we provide to each and every client—we go the extra mile. Our google reviews and on-site testimonials are testament to that. And that attitude to service will never stop. 

But let’s look at what has changed …

quality features of an LMS platform

Personalisation and adaptive learning

The demand for human-centred learning is growing. Now we can harness adaptive learning technologies, data analytics and AI to customise learning experiences based on learners’ personal and professional needs.

We’ve also introduced techniques from the field of user experience design, such as empathy mapping and persona development, which help us to gain a deeper understanding of who the learners are so that we can confidently design solutions to meet their specific needs. 

Micro learning

A large part of achieving ROI on elearning is to consider the way people want to learn. To say that modern learners have shorter attention spans is probably a little disparaging. But there’s no doubt that bite-sized learning experiences are becoming ever more popular.

Whilst some people may spread their attention more thinly nowadays, I think the trend is more likely to be driven by people’s increasingly busy lifestyles and necessity to learn in short bursts, on-the-go. 

Mobile learning

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets, there’s been a shift towards mobile-friendly learning solutions. At Dynamic, we employ a mobile-first design approach to ensure that learners get an optimal learning experience regardless of the device they’re using. 

We’re also investing in mobile learning platforms and apps to deliver learning experiences that are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Gamification and immersive elearning

We’ve introduced game-based learning and gamification in elearning for various clients. Solutions have included simple game mechanics, such as badges and rewards, but also highly complex open world experiences and leaderboards, all designed to enhance engagement and motivation.

We’re also using immersive technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with exploration and decision-making scenarios to create impactful and realistic learning experiences.

Social learning

There’s a lot to be said for learning together. And lately, we’ve seen collaborative and social learning approaches gaining traction, too—facilitated by social media-like features integrated into learning platforms.

However, social learning doesn’t happen by simply implementing social technologies into your organisation. No, a culture of social learning will only flourish if socialising is something that is actively encouraged. If you want an honest conversation about the potential of social learning in your organisation, speak to us.

Data-driven insights

Now, more than ever, we’re focussing on the impact of our work.

Learning analytics and data-driven insights can be used to track learner progress, identify trends and measure the effectiveness of learning initiatives.

Achieving ROI on elearning means asking the right questions at the start, as well as helping organisations to leverage data to make informed decisions, optimise learning content and demonstrate impact against business goals and targets.

Workflow learning

For years, elearning was about information presentation. By applying instructional design principles and learning theory, people were tasked with remembering the presented information and then applying it in their roles. However, expecting anyone to remember 45-minutes of elearning was never going to happen, and plenty of research supports this statement. The problem is that people forget—and quickly. Enter workflow learning.

Consider a scenario where you encounter a DIY problem at home; you might pull up a YouTube explainer video on your mobile. This is the principle of workflow learning; making information accessible at the point of need so they don’t have to remember it. Makes sense, right?

Remote and blended learning

COVID-19 affected so many organisations in different ways. In terms of digital learning, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote and blended learning models as organisations adapted to remote work environments and social distancing measures.

Virtual classrooms, webinars and online collaboration tools became essential for delivering training and education remotely.

However, remote and blended learning are not solely linked to achieving ROI on elearning due to necessity. Rather, remote and blended learning have become a focus as a result of the way people choose to learn.

Skills development and lifelong learning

The skills needed for a workforce to adapt to an ever-evolving climate are, by nature, changing too. We’re witnessing and supporting organisations who are making the move towards competency-based learning and skills development to their organisational demands.

Lifelong learning is increasingly emphasised, with individuals seeking continuous upskilling and reskilling opportunities to stay relevant in their careers. And this fits with organisations who also want to retain their best people by keeping them engaged and motivated.

A consultative approach to achieving ROI on elearning

Elearning is no longer solely about content delivery. We’ve shifted our focus towards ensuring measurable impact and return on investment for our clients. And to deliver that impact, we consult with our clients to really get under the skin, not just of what we think learners will most benefit from but what the actual organisational need or problem is. These consultation services now play a pivotal role in crafting elearning solutions that drive tangible results. We work closely with our clients to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop strategies to measure the effectiveness of our programmes.

Using 360° technology for more impact in digital learning

Some time ago, when our clients were asking for ‘something really cool’, we delivered with numerous innovative 360° virtual tour projects. These immersive experiences go beyond traditional elearning formats, offering unprecedented functionality and interactivity. From inductions to tours of new technologies, safety walks to medical scenarios, our 360° virtual tours provide an unparalleled learning experience. With features such as saving completed tasks, popup activities and hotspot menus, our tours set a new standard for engagement and effectiveness. And if you’re wondering, ‘Will my digital learning content work with my LMS?’ our virtual tours seamlessly integrate with any Learning Management System, ensuring hassle-free implementation. 

Revolutionising 360° video

Our 360° videos are not your typical estate agent-style tours. We’ve redefined the concept and our clients know them well as ‘Interactive 360° Learning Environments’, which reflects their advanced functionality. These videos offer a host of unique features designed to enhance the learning experience. From language customisation to immersive interactions, we’ve set our 360° videos apart from the competition, providing a truly immersive and educational experience like no other.

Below, you’ll find a small selection of some of the ways we’ve use 360° video to create more impact in our clients’ digital learning resources.

YBS – YBS TOUR – 360° tours

One of the most popular uses for 360° content is creating in-depth walkthroughs or tours. It’s increasingly being used to allow people to e-visit locations without the need for them to travel there in person. For example, estate agents are capturing properties using 360° technology, so that potential buyers can view the property and get a better feeling for the size and feel of interiors. In elearning, we take this one step further, by attaching learning content to various hotspots around the captured scene.

The solution we developed for the Yorkshire Building Society gave employees across the business a chance to visit, explore and learn about their head office and branches. A 360° tour is a great way of giving everyone the opportunity to see the heart of the operation if they can’t visit HQ in person.

Entain – Digital Hubs – site-specific training

360° panoramas provide site-specific training from anywhere and for anyone. Using interaction environments to showcase new offices, layouts or products, we can can optimise the ability of businesses in getting everyone up to speed.

When Entain launched their new style Digital Hubs, we used a 360° environment, so all staff members could explore and familiarise themselves with the new layouts and features that came with this change. All without the need to wait until their local shop was upgraded. The solution also featured a 3D map, interactive menu as well as interactive betting screens and staff.

The Gym Group – Gym Safe – 360° inductions

We used 360° technology to help The Gym Group welcome new members of staff and to deliver useful information in a true-to-life environment. This approach can give new recruits the opportunity to explore the workplace before they step foot in it, and get a head start on learning everything they’ll need to integrate smoothly.

Our solution for The Gym Group gave new staff members the chance to enter one of their gyms and learn a bit more about what to expect when they start work. This included administrative information, health and safety guidelines and manual handling processes. This solution was a great way to introduce staff to the job and workplace ahead of beginning work—and it can’t be overestimated how this approach helps with a smoother more relaxing onboarding experience for a new starter.

Riverside – Damp, mould and condensation – 360° hazard perception

360° panoramas can also be edited to create the ideal environment to make for much more engagement and impactful elearning. This can be as simple as creating a scenario in which someone has been injured. Or perhaps more complex, such as demonstrating fire damage in a fire safety module. No matter the requirement, we can edit the 360° environment to enhance the learning experience.

For a project about damp, mould and condensation in homes for The Riverside Group, we captured 360° panoramas of a property and added different effects in post to give the illusion of damp, mould and condensation. We also created hazard perception interaction in which users had to implement what they’d learnt across the module to identify different hazards in a full 360° environment. This approach recreated the exact scenario they may find themselves in when they’re out visiting customers’ homes.

We've expanded into health, safety and more ...

As our recent work for Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) shows, we’re now innovating in the health sector more than ever. Placing learners in the centre of a high-energy moving triage scenario, as if they’re part of what’s happening makes for some of the most engaging and effective learning where they can interact with staff and make critical decisions.

And, building on that vast, but always-developing experience in health, the team at Dynamic has taken what now seems like a natural progression into specialising in new sectors. We’re now achieving ROI in elearning in the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) space as well as the Safety Health and Welfare (SHW) arena. And, using both innovating technology and implementing a robust consultative approach to vital topics including sustainability and social responsibility.

Plus so much more ...

There’s too much to say in one post about how we’re not only moving with the digital learning times, but actively innovating technology for more impact. There’s far more we could say about our consultative approach which dives under the surface of not just what clients want but what learners need and what organisational problem needs solving. 

A quick chat about your learning challenge would be the best platform, especially if you either haven’t talked to us in a while or you’ve never asked us about how we can help. So why not get in touch today by calling us on 0113 323 0760 or complete the form, below.

Header photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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