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Enjoy the Ride - using gamification in digital learning

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Using gamification in elearning has shown to increase engagement. In fact, when it comes to not only making information stick, but also keeping thousands of people safe and happy, gamified digital training can be a vital tool. Partnering with Merlin Entertainments, we designed and developed a bespoke elearning solution, called Ride Essentials. Hit the Play button to take a look. 

Accessible elearning with a global impact

We crafted the content specifically for ride operators working at Merlin venues all over the world. As a matter of fact, each elearning module has so far been translated into many different languages, including Chinese, Korean, Danish, German, Malay, Italian and Japanese.

The training also had to meet specific criteria. So our team designed the elearning to be accessible and appeal to a broad demographic ranging from young people in their first roles to older, more experienced adults. Moreover, Merlin is a very customer-centric brand. So through high quality, fun and immersive interactions and experiences, we created a custom digital learning solution, which demonstrated and helped develop best guest service skills. Click on the smaller screenshots to see more detail.

Using gamification to create invaluable digital learning experiences

Ride Essentials is designed to be a visually playful and gamified digital learning resource. In brief, learners can experience a ‘day in the life’ of ride operators and guests in a Merlin theme park. 

Right from the start of the first module, the learner is engaged. Specifically, they are tasked with visiting different colleagues and guests in the theme park to live their experiences and provide support and assistance, as necessary. Click on the smaller screenshots to see more detail.

Collect badges and stars

Making good decisions, achieving excellence

The learner’s goal is to help their Merlin colleagues and the guests they meet in the park by making good decisions and providing excellent guest service. If learners achieve these goals, then they gain stars and badges to reinforce recognition of progress. And consequently, in line with Merlin’s ‘Guest Obsessed’ approach to customer experience, learners also see the positive impact their decisions have on guest happiness, park safety, colleague knowledge and experience, all measured through performance meters.

In detail: the rollercoaster time challenge

The rollercoaster time challenge is just one of a number of examples of using gamification in the digital learning experiences and resources we created with Merlin. We task learners chiefly with keeping the rollercoaster rolling, queue times low and raising guest happiness by correctly answering a series of knowledge recap questions. Moreover, learners have 30 seconds to answer each question, and for every second they save, the queue time comes down. Hit the Play button to take a look. 

Bespoke low poly theme park

Theme parks are fun. And similarly, the Dynamic team had great fun, designing and developing a bespoke 3D Merlin Ride Essentials theme park, including recreating some of Merlin’s flagship rides including the Dragon Coaster. As a result, learners not only enjoyed an immersive, attention-grabbing game style environment, but above all, had a feeling of autonomy as they explored the site. Hit Play to take a look. 

Creating real character

Finally, we created a range of friendly, animated characters who represented ride operators and guests populating the park. So, consequently, we could demonstrate different emotions and body language as the characters reacted to learners’ prompts in animated scenarios.

Meet our park hosts

Raj and Jody, our park hosts, are present throughout the journey. In fact, as per Merlin’s principles, they are super-helpful, guiding the learner through the park and keeping them updated on how they are performing. Hit Play to meet them. 

“Working with Dynamic to produce this really important training has been a great partnership. They have understood our brief, worked closely with us to understand what we wanted to achieve and the outcome has been exciting and engaging training which our teams have really enjoyed doing. What we love is the attention to detail in the graphics, the interactive and fun elements but still getting across the important health and safety messages.”

Nicola Maisuria

Health, Safety, Security Director – Merlin Entertainments

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