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Case Study.

Bringing the Laws of the game to life for MCC.

Bringing dry and complicated subjects to life requires the perfect blend of engaging multimedia and interactive elearning content and that’s exactly what we developed for Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). As the world’s most active cricket club and guardian of the Laws of the game, MCC had revamped the new Code of the Laws of Cricket and the challenge was to bring them to life for thousands of members, players and spectators around the world. After numerous trials and widespread global consultation throughout the professional and amateur game, MCC created the new Code of the Laws of Cricket and engaged Dynamic to create a series of exciting elearning modules to explain the complicated subject and stimulate their learners.

An elearning solution for everyone.

Dynamic created an elearning programme that guides everyone, from the cricketing newcomer to the experienced umpire, through all 42 Laws, with tips from club, first-class and international cricket to illustrate the more complex points.

Users can test their knowledge with a basic and intermediate exam – the first step on the way to becoming an umpire.

Bringing subjects to life with elearning

The solution.

We worked with MCC to create a bespoke elearning programme which concentrates on the teaching of Laws knowledge rather than the field-craft and man-management side of umpiring, which will be taught at a local level. The interactive modules detail the Laws in practice, with extensive use of photos, videos and animation to help to explain what can be a complicated subject. This is ideal for players and any current or potential umpire or scorer.

Each of the 42 Laws were developed as a separate module by the same team to enable consistency. This approach proved vital in ensuring that the content had a consistent visual identity and development approach. Law 36 – Leg before Wicket – was designed and developed first as a working prototype and proof of concept, to establish an agreed design, look and feel, before progressing on to the core build. This process defined the approach of using a blend of video exam, illustrations and user interaction to create an engaging format optimised to run on desktops, laptops and tablets.

The dynamicLMS.

To enable the tracking and hosting of the content, we designed and created a fully branded dynamicLMS to complement the Lords.org site. The true global nature of the Laws meant that end users could potentially be accessing from anywhere in the world. By utilising the self-registration functionality that’s part of the dynamicLMS we were able to capture beneficial user data for MCC without the admin cost of someone needing to create and manage user accounts for members around the world.

The course consisted of a video introduction by Sky Sports presenter, Hayley McQueen, who was chosen for her professional delivery, really making a difference and adding gravitas to the materials. Short introduction videos for each Law were also featured, alternately presented by Hayley and Simon Hughes, the commentator and former international player.


Fraser Stewart

Cricket Academy Manager, Marylebone Cricket Club

We were extremely satisfied with Dynamic throughout the whole process of their production of our Laws of Cricket elearning materials. They used their learning expertise to simplify and bring to life the teaching of what can be a dry and complicated subject. They kept to the agreed timescales and budget. 

Throughout the process and continuing after the launch, they have always been incredibly efficient, with almost instant replies to emails and questions. This gave me the confidence that they had the whole project under control. I would not hesitate to use them again for a similar project and would strongly recommend them to others.

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