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Case Study.


As an organisation which holds thousands of records of personal data on players, fans, coaches, employees and customers, The FA commissioned Dynamic to produce a 15-minute elearning module to be completed by as many full-time colleagues as possible before the new law came into effect.

We were also asked to provide a hosted Learning Management System (LMS) with the ability to report on the completion rates of the module.

Employees at The FA would access the content from desktop, laptop and some tablet devices, therefore, an adaptive solution was required. The solution needed to complement The FA brand and writing style. It needed to ensure that the learner was well prepared to adhere to the new regulations.

Much work had been done by The FA over previous months to ensure that they had the systems and processes in place to adhere to the new law. The final element was training staff. We had a timeframe of six weeks from the client’s project briefing, for the module and LMS to be developed and rolled out to the organisation.


We wanted to create a module which would convey a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time. The module needed to grab the audience’s attention from the start, be engaging and interactive to support the retention of the key learning points. A small assessment was included to check for understanding and compliance with the new laws and procedures.

Our solution was GDPR TV a Football Focus-influenced programme approach, where the new GDPR law is introduced and discussed by two presenters and supported by four video-based scenarios covering all aspects of the new laws in action.

Professional actors played the central roles of Jason and Tish, the studio presenters for GDPR TV. Video footage was captured in our on-site studio using green screen and then keyed out to be dropped into our FA-branded studio environment.

Engaging content.

Each screen of content was designed to be clear and easy to follow for the learner, using images and graphics to illustrate content. Static pages of text were kept to a minimum, with the bulk of the learning points covered in the four video-based scenarios.


Chris Pollard

GDPR Project Lead - The FA

“A successful project delivered on time, on budget and to great satisfaction. Thanks again and great job on making a fairly dry topic into something that is really engaging, and dare I say fun!

It has been an excellent project with a really fantastic outcome in terms of take-up of near the 95% mark. We’re all very happy with that – so, well done again to your team for building a very engaging module that people have even said they enjoyed taking.”

The LMS.

To enable the tracking and hosting of the content a dynamicLMS was designed to complement the GDPR TV theme. Learners were pre-enrolled onto the module and sent joining instructions via a system-generated personal email.

We provided The FA with end user helpdesk support to ensure that any issues were quickly identified and resolved. Our bespoke reporting feature enabled the client to access completion reports by a choice of predefined criteria, such as location, department and role. This feature enabled The FA to drive up completion rates by targeted communications based on accurate and up-to-the-minute reports.