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Case Study.

Macmillan Cancer Support -
Improving cancer awareness.

Back in 2016, Dynamic worked with Macmillan and the NHS to create a digital programme to increase knowledge and awareness around cancer. It was designed for all healthcare staff, those living with cancer and their family and friends.

The programme was a huge success, and recently Macmillan approached Dynamic to update and enhance the cancer awareness programme to include new advancements in diagnosing cancer and additional treatments.


The content was split into levels and covered almost all aspects of cancer, from introductory topics, such as what it is and how to recognise the types, through to more complex areas, such as targeted treatment and bone and stem transplants.

Assessments were added to help evidence knowledge and understanding.

To help support Macmillan with future editing and maintenance of the courses, we developed them using the Evolve authoring tool. The content was designed to be responsive to create a better learning experience on phones, tablets and PCs. It was then developed for deployment and tracking on Macmillan’s learning management system.

Engaging and media rich.

The modules were designed in a way that allowed the retention of the easy-to-digest, varied and continuously engaging content, using a variety of interactions in a bite-sized format.

With input from Macmillan specialists, new innovations on cancer-related testing and procedures were introduced, bringing the content right up to date.

The timescales were tight but working collaboratively as one team, with regular updates, enabled the project to be delivered on time. 

Mission accomplished.

This successful solution has enabled Macmillan to take a step forward in terms of their provision for cancer awareness training. The user-friendly structure, the fresh design and up-to-date content will ensure that the sharing of knowledge will be well received.


Amanda Watson

Digital Lead, Professional Development and Knowledge

“Working with Dynamic has been amazing (as always). The team are always on hand to provide guidance and support and have been able to breathe new life into our learning material. It has been a great experience and I hope to work with them again in the future.”