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Case Study.

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Supporting Riverside colleagues to identify and report damp, mould and condensation.

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Damp, mould and condensation are a real issue for thousands of people living in the United Kingdom, as it’s been revealed that 1 in 5 renters are currently affected by the problem.

The Riverside Group is one of the biggest housing associations in the UK, so ensuring their customers’ homes are free from damp, mould and condensation is a top priority. They wanted to create training that would support their front-line colleagues to identify issues and act decisively.

We worked with them to create an engaging e-learning to support front line colleagues identify damp, mould and condensation, understand the risks posed, support their customers and report the issue in customers’ homes. It’s essentially because we don’t have housing inspectors and it was for a whole range of front line worker roles.

The requirement

The aim of this project was to create an in-depth elearning module exploring damp, mould and condensation, how to spot the signs, and the possible implications of living with it. The solution had to provide learners with an understanding of the issue, real examples and imagery, and practical steps to resolve the situation.

A key requirement was that the learning had to be impactful, realistic and thorough, so that Riverside colleagues understood the importance of the subject, and left equipped with the knowledge necessary to tackle the problem should they encounter it.

The solution

Given the complexity of the requirement and the importance of the subject, the solution used modern technology to realise the vision of Riverside’s team of subject matter experts.

We created a fully bespoke HTML learning package with engaging interactions, motion graphics and 360° panoramas that did the topic justice and delivered the content in an impactful way.

Dynamic elearning content

There were a variety of interactions within the module, to allow learners to work through the content at their own pace. These included carousels, select and reveals, and hotspot interactions built around graphics.

Screenshot from the house interaction in the module which shows one of the popups.
Screenshot from the house interaction in the module which shows the 4 hotspots.

Informative motion graphics

The module included a short motion graphic story which presented learners with a quick but meaningful overview of the damage that damp can cause if left untreated and how much it means when reports are taken seriously and the issue is resolved.

360° learning

The real strength of this module was the inclusion of four 360° panoramas, each edited to display how damp, mould or condensation might look in someone’s home. They featured realistic features, such as condensation on a window or water marks on the ceiling, to help learners to spot issues in their customers’ homes.

They also included selectable hotspots, each containing detailed information and interactions about the subject, and videos of a customer speaking, to bring the content to life.

Now it's your turn...

Below is a sample of the course for you to interact with!

Engaging simulations

The final panorama tested a learner’s understanding of the content by asking them to look around a room for potential signs of damp, mould or condensation, before selecting the correct advice to give to the customer to respond to the situation.

This enabled learners to simulate a visit to one of their customers homes’ and practice the steps delivered in the content.

A screenshot from an interactive conversation within the bedroom scene of the 360 panorama.

Adaptive assessment

Finally, the solution included a formal assessment, with randomly selected questions, to confirm that a learner had read and understood the content in the module.

The summary page of the module's assessment showing the user's 100% result.

Abby Weatherall

Learning Partner at Riverside

“This is an incredibly important and emotive topic and the learning really needed to be impactful. The team at Dynamic fully immersed themselves in the project researching the current problems in our sector to get inside my head and build a truly fantastic solution. I wanted the learner to be able to visit a customer’s property and be able to identify if there is an issue immediately, and the module did just that. We filmed in a home and the learner can physically pan around the room which is absolutely incredible!

Dave and Tom are a pleasure to work with, they listen to, understand and always want to produce a solution that is fit for purpose and more. They deliver on time and always go above and beyond to create the best possible product. I can’t wait to work on future projects with them and the team at Riverside are absolutely delighted with our module.”


It was a privilege to work with passionate subject matter experts to create an excellent solution that raised awareness of such an important subject.

A variety of interactive media and elearning content allowed to create training with impact and meaning, that looks amazing and fulfils the requirement of the client. We can’t wait to work with Riverside on future projects.

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