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Case Study.

Let’s talk about race.

Let’s talk about race is a key part of BT’s journey to kick racism and unacceptable behaviour out for good and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels they belong.

Diversity and inclusion are central to BT’s vision and ambition for the future. Events over the last year have shone a powerful light on issues of systemic racism, prejudice and discrimination, and the need to do more. BT is driven to achieve a cultural shift within its organisation, asking what more we can do and to committing to being bolder in its approach. One of BT’s commitments in this space is its Ethnicity Rapid Action Plan (ERAP), which includes four strands:

  • Accelerating diversity from within
  • Educating and empowering people
  • Leading by example
  • Building transparency

Dynamic’s involvement in this project is focused on delivering a digital learning programme, which linked directly to the Educating and Empowering Our People strand and it’s being rolled out to approximately 100,000 BT colleagues worldwide.

Our solution.

Our solution, developed in collaboration with BT and APS Intelligence, experts in diversity and inclusion, consists of a range of digital resources that dovetailed with a virtual face-to-face training for people managers, developed and delivered by APS Intelligence and supported by a series of workplace conversations and activities to achieve a sustainable change.

Scene-setting video.

To introduce the digital and virtual solutions, Dynamic designed and developed an impactful video to take learners on a journey. The video first looks back at some of the inspirational people from history who have stood against racism and discrimination, bringing us to the present day, highlighting that despite previous campaigns and initiatives for change, racism still exists in society.

The messages communicated by BT in the video are brave and bold, clearly setting out BT’s responsibility and commitment towards stamping out any form of non-inclusive behaviour.

The video culminates with a message from a senior sponsor of the Ethnic Diversity Network that leaves colleagues in no doubt about the importance of training, why they are doing it and the message that they expect all colleagues to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

BT colleague

“I think this training is excellent and the first video made me tearful. Thanks BT.”

The elearning.

The elearning, developed in GOMO, consists of four bitesize modules that equate to 60 minutes of learning.

Just like the scene-setting video, the elearning doesn’t hold back or shy away from the issues around race, diversity and inclusion, and at the same time it doesn’t sensationalise the issues for effect. The instructional design expertise of Dynamic, combined with APS Intelligence’s understanding of pedagogy, ensured that an immersive experience was created, helping people to understand the lived experiences of others rather than just theory and taking learners on a balanced journey of discovery.  

BT colleague

“The Let’s talk about Race course is the best thing I have seen from our organisation.”

BT colleague

This is an excellent creation and will help creating BT a truly inclusive organisation.”

Stop and think - digital journal.

Stop and think is a digital journal that gives learners opportunities to reflect and create a personal action plan as they work through the module topics. These entries are private and only accessible by the learner.


Lisa Blewitt

BT Learning Director