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We’re immensely proud to have worked with Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, delivering training to the thousands of people working at The Games. This included 14,000 volunteers (The Commonwealth Collective), 1,200 paid staff, contractors and many more.

Given the large number of learners accessing the training solution, it needed to be inclusive, accessible, on brand, informative and engaging.

In summary, the training solution involved the creation of 13 elearning modules, covering:

bullet point

Customer service

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Health and safety

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Radio communications

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HERO modules

These elearning modules were aimed mainly at the volunteers (The Commonwealth Collective). The heart and soul of The Games experience, these volunteers played a pivotal role in its success.

As valued members of The Collective, they ensured that Birmingham delivered the best possible Games, bringing people together from all over the world. Including over 5,000 athletes from 72 different teams and over 1 million spectators that flocked to the city of Birmingham.

Embracing the Commonwealth values of humanity, equality and destiny, these volunteers contributed to the success of a Games that was watched worldwide by an estimated 1.5 billion people!

To support The Collective, we developed four HERO elearning modules, each with a different customer service focus.

Make an Impact

In this module, learners achieved Impact powers. Heroes are friendly, approachable, proud and, ultimately, make an impact in the lives of the people and communities around them. Throughout the module, learners received updates from our sports studio presenter on the powers they’d achieved and the level of Impact they were likely to have at The Games.

Let's Connect

Let’s Connect dovetails with Make an Impact and continues with the customer service theme, focusing on how to make connections with the wide range of different customers at The Games.

The challenge for learners in this module was to boost their Connection powers in the following areas:

bullet point


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There was also a nod to the power of social media in this module. It was important to remind learners that in this digital age, good and bad experiences are very easy to share via social media.

Games 4 Everyone

The focus for this module was on how to help create a proud and inclusive culture for The Games and the Birmingham and West Midlands community.

In this module, learners were given a series of equality, diversity and inclusion case files to resolve. Throughout the module, our sports studio presenter updated learners on the powers they’d achieved and the success of their completed case files.


In this module, learners discovered what makes an effective team, considering their individual responsibilities as members of The Collective.

Throughout, learners were rewarded with team powers for successfully navigating team scenarios that they were likely to encounter at The Games. They were also shown how these team powers would help them to make a positive impact on the people and communities around them.

Security modules

Our collection of four security modules provided an overview of the security strategy for The Games, as well as highlighting the groups involved in designing and implementing it. They included comprehensive demonstrations on how the strategy was applied to both the venues and the many individual roles.

Security graphic
Screenshot of part of the security interactions in the security module.
It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. You understood so well what we needed and you have been very patient.

I am very proud of the result. Offering quality content for a population that is often left behind in terms of training quality.
- Thais Guiheneuf, Security Workforce Manager

Sustainable Games modules

Birmingham 2022 aimed to be the first Commonwealth Games with a carbon neutral legacy, setting the benchmark for future Games. To support them in this aim, we developed two sustainability modules in collaboration with subject matter experts, exploring how everyone involved in The Games could do their bit.

The first module introduced learners to the ideas of sustainability, carbon and air quality, circular economy principles and conservation.

Screenshot of a slide from the sustainability module.
Screenshot of a slide from the sustainability module.

Module two took a close look at the carbon and air quality pillar, as well as the 2022 Commonwealth Games’ ambitions to create a carbon neutral legacy. It also explored the relationship between carbon emissions and sports events, as well as the actions we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint.

I think this looks great! Love the graphics. Thanks for all your work on bringing this to life.
- Joanna Leigh, Sustainability Coordinator (Carbon)

Hayley Roach

Workforce Training Lead, Birmingham 2022
Commonwealth Games

“Dynamic brought the vision I had with our elearning modules to life. The account management of the project was detailed and remained on track. The process was thorough, communication was excellent and Dynamic hit every deadline. The creative team delivered inspiring and engaging elearning modules in line with our objectives.”

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