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30 June 2022

2022 so far is the busiest year on record at Dynamic.

The elearning industry is going from strength to strength as more companies embrace a digital world and the benefits that elearning can bring, and Dynamic is at the forefront of that growth. 2022 has so far been our busiest year to date and we’re taking on more designers and developers to help grow the business to meet rising demand. If you’re looking for an exciting career in elearning, get in touch today.

Welcoming new team members.

As part of our long history of working closely with local universities to develop the next digital learning superstars, we’ve been able to take on new placements for this year.

Elearning Developer Aman Ali

Aman Ali.

Even though I’ve only been at Dynamic a short time, I’ve already had the opportunity to use new and exciting software. It’s a really welcoming and encouraging environment to work in and I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here.

John Bellingall.

I’ve been at Dynamic for less than a month and I’ve already had the opportunity to work for some big clients, using a variety of new and exciting authoring tools. I think that the supportive environment will allow me to discover exactly where my strengths lie and help me to improve as a developer.

Elearning developer John Bellingall
Creative Media Designer Humphrey Harris-Burton

Humphrey Harris-Burton.

In the last few weeks, I’ve gained an invaluable insight into the elearning industry and what it means to be a designer. I’ve no doubt that the things I’ve learned already will set me up for a successful career, and that this placement is a fantastic opportunity to explore my skillset.

Happy customers.

We’re always excited when a new customer comes to us looking for a learning solution and hearing about the impact that learning has had, after all the work we’ve put in, really makes it worthwhile. This quarter we’ve had some fantastic feedback from clients.

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Our leadership team.

We caught up with some of our leadership team to see what they’re excited about for the next quarter.

What trends are you seeing in the elearning industry?

Elearning Projects Director Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Projects Director

“It’s a really interesting time for Dynamic as clients embrace new technologies and challenge us to come up with new solutions for them. I’m excited to see Dynamic leading the way with technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° interactive learning. These are technologies that we’ve worked with for a while, but as we saw at the Learning Technologies conference this year they’re really taking off in the industry.

We’re also starting to see more clients wanting to discuss the accessibility of the materials we produce, and to consider the needs of all of their colleagues. We’ve always had AA accessible learning as part of our OTS catalogue of materials, but it’s great to see this expand into bespoke and custom learning requirements.”

Nick Melody

Nick Melody

Resourcing Director

“So far in 2022 we’ve been really busy developing elearning solutions for our clients. A number of the big projects we’ve delivered, such as the training for all the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games volunteers, have been to very tight deadlines and I want to thank all of the team for the effort they’ve put in to make sure we delivered on time.

In the last few weeks we’ve been recruiting new developers and designers and we’re going to continue that recruitment activity throughout the rest of the year as the business keeps growing. Check out our careers page for details of exciting new opportunities in elearning.”

How are Dynamic coping with increased demand this year?

What’s new in the Dynamic OTS catalogue?

Chris Miall

Chris Miall

Project Manager

“In the last few weeks our off-the-shelf elearning catalogue has continued to grow and we’ve added subjects such as Disability Awareness, Safeguarding Children, Violence and Aggression and Creativity.

I’m really excited for the future as we have such an impressive range of topics coming soon including a new partnership with Signature care homes to produce modules on a range of malnutrition and food preparation topics suitable for all healthcare workers.”

Best LMS for business

The dynamicLMS.

We continue to provide fantastic value for money with the enterprise level dynamicLMS. New features are being developed and released each quarter and Q2 for 2022 is no exception. Our LMS development team have been hard at work developing new functionality for managing programmes of courses and a coaching feature to support and develop colleagues.

As with all of our new functionality for the dynamicLMS, it is all included as standard for every customer from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. To help support your team with the LMS we also offer the same high standard of support to all of our customers at no extra cost.

The Dynamic off-the-shelf catalogue.

The Dynamic off the shelf elearning catalogue is perfect for those clients who need a course that’s ready to go, developed by subject matter experts and tested on some of the world’s best-known names.

We’re releasing new modules all the time and Q2 of 2022 is no exception.

Recent releases include: Disability Awareness, Safe use of hand tools, Safeguarding Children – Intermediary and Violence and Aggression. 

What can you expect from the next release?

There are a further 15 modules currently in some form of development at our Harewood HQ aimed at a broad range of industries and skill sets. For our next release of modules, you can expect content on Chaperoning for Healthcare, Vulnerable Road Users, Cultural Awareness and Dining with Dementia.

There are currently more than 40 topics on the roadmap for future courses, but the order we prioritise these is down to you, our customers. We’d love to hear from you about the topics that are important to your colleagues and how we can help you to deliver the best quality training. Get in touch to discuss all aspects of the off-the-shelf catalogue today.

Off-the-shelf elearning

Featured topic: Introduction to creativity.

Each quarter, we’ll be focussing on one of our recent off-the-shelf modules, and this time it’s Creativity.

Creativity is responsible for the phones in our pockets, the computers we work on, the cars we drive and the television we watch. Yet, for years, creativity was dismissed as a skill necessary only for those working in artistic areas, which we dismissed as unessential and not as valuable as other skills, such as logical thinking, mathematic ability and even physical strength.

More recently, the value of being able to be creative or think creatively is now being recognised both in the workplace and wider society, as creativity drives innovation.

In this module, you’ll be shown ways to become more creative, as well as how to utilise creativity in your work.

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Identify what being creative means, and explore some reasons that people struggle to embrace creativity.
  • Know several ways to encourage yourself to be creative, including better creative practices.
  • Understand the role of creativity in the creative process and idea generation.
Creativity elearning from Dynamic

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