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Case Study.

Policies that pack a punch

Bringing policies to life

Most companies have vitally important policies that their team need to know, but in a lot of cases, those policies are boring and hard to remember. We solved this problem for WeWork by bringing their policies to life with bespoke elearning modules.

WeWork designs and operates wonderful shared workspaces and now has over 100 buildings in different cities across the world. The members who inhabit their buildings not only rely on WeWork to provide them with an excellent service, but also to keep them safe.

WeWork’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a vital document that sets out how people should respond in different types of emergencies. However, at the time, the document was plain and uninspiring – a typical policy really. WeWork wanted this member-facing document to be brought to life and redesigned in line with their distinct brand.

Training colleagues in emergency response

Challenge 1: WeWork colleagues needed to be trained in how to respond to the 12 different types of emergencies, as set out in the EAP policy.

Policies are essential documents but are hardly ever a substitute for training, especially with a subject as critical as emergency response. As part of the scoping stages, members of the project team got their heads together to decide on an instructional design approach that would be suitable for the target audience and deliver the learning outcomes. It was soon agreed that a scenario-based elearning module would be an ideal solution.

Learning available at all times

Challenge 2: WeWork colleagues and members needed to be able to access the EAP at any time and any place.

The availability of the EAP policy was a key success factor. If members and colleagues ever found themselves in an emergency situation, they needed to be able to quickly and easily consult the document at point-of-need.

Bringing policies to life for wework

Dynamic redesigned, consolidated and simplified the document. We produced two different formats – one PDF version that could be printed and placed within key locations in WeWork’s building and another fully responsive digital version for people to access on any device, at any time and place.

Learning available in any language

Challenge 3: The EAP was a global document and needed to be translated into 27 different languages.

To overcome this challenge, we sought support from our translation partners. The translation aspect was carefully factored into the project plan which was then shared with all relevant stakeholders. WeWork identified key people globally who were responsible for reviewing each of the translated products to ensure that this part of the process went smoothly.

Promoting the elearning solution

Challenge 4: WeWork needed to promote the new materials and highlight their importance.

The new materials needed to be pushed out to all colleagues and members, so WeWork needed a means of raising awareness and generating excitement about their launch. WeWork uses large digital displays within all its buildings to communicate key messages to colleagues and members alike, so a decision was quickly reached that a series of bite-size animated videos would be an ideal solution.

The solution

We really couldn’t be happier with the end results.

Play the video to take a look.

Feedback on the elearning from the pilot

As part of the pilot, an international cohort of end users was asked to score the following statements from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most positive response.

I have a better understanding of the potential emergencies that may happen in my building.

Respondents gave an average score of 9.1

How likely are you to recommend this course to a colleague?

Respondents gave an average score of 8.6

I will be able to take the information from this course and apply it to my role, or in my building.

Respondents gave an average score of 8.4

“Love the graphics and scenarios. They are brilliant and really interesting and engaging.”

“The look and feel seemed very practical and not overloaded with material.”


“I believe the module is very comprehensive. The segmentation of each type of emergency is very insightful and gives useful information about what needs to be done (like step-by-step).”

The best

“All of this was incredibly important and everyone should know how to navigate safety situations in our buildings. This is the best training WeWork has created! Thank you.”


“Very relevant to our workplace. I appreciate that the questions made me think about solutions to problems before I find myself in a problem.”


“I liked how it was interactive, and also used WeWork as a setting. This makes it very relevant, instead of just a general fire and safety course that would have been less relevant.”

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