Northern Rock – Complaints Handling process and system

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Following the success of the Performance Management e-learning project, Northern Rock approached Dynamic when they needed an e-learning course to train customer service staff at branches and in the head office on a new complaints handling system.. However, it wasn’t just how to use a new computer system (although that was, of course, important), it was also about a new way of staff thinking and dealing with complaints.

Dynamic built the materials as a single e-learning module, but used the premise of a staff member talking to her manager about the new complaints system as a way of introducing the new approach to handling complaints before the learner is presented with the actual system itself. For the system simulations, Dynamic used our tried and tested “show me”, “let me try”, “test me” approach, providing the learners with a range of interactions that build up their confidence in using the system.

The e-learning materials were developed in four weeks and then deployed on the Northern Rock network allowing all customer service staff to be trained in one week.